Featured Artist - February , 2017

January 10, 2017

"ADELITA" with Artist Angel Wynn
Opening on Thursday, February 9th at 5pm

CasaBella Fine Art Gallery will feature the works of Santa Fe artist Angel Wynn in an exciting new show, "Adelita: Women Soldiers of the Mexican Revolution". An artist reception will take place on Thursday, February 9 from 5-8pm and will run through February 27, 2017.

 About the artist: 

Starting with a photograph, Wynn paints layers of translucent, melted encaustic wax over the surface to give her artwork luminous, textured qualities. A collage of imagery is combined with colorful oil paints, exotic papers, textiles, earth pigments and other mixed media to give each piece a contemporary style all its own. 

"Through photography, my creative intention is to instill in the viewer awareness and compassion for Indigenous cultures. My fundamental desire is to bring this knowledge to the forefront by exhibiting my images in new ways to show that this beautiful legacy continues today."

Wynn's fascination with "Adelitas" is beautifully expressed in the works featured in this show. The acclaimed artist/photographer has produced a body of work to honor the legacy of these exceptional women. "After viewing some painted murals that first introduced me to these extraordinary women, for days afterwards all I could think of how difficult the lifestyle they endured", says Wynn, "Searching history further, I became completely fascinated by these young women called Adelitas. A passion to tell their story set in and would not leave me alone."

"Adelita" was the name given to the women who followed husbands, lovers and family members to war during the uprising of the Mexican Revolution. From 1910-1920, these camp followers cooked, cleaned and nursed wounds. When it came time for military combat, the Adelitas bravely picked up guns and fought. In many respects, the Mexican Revolution was not only a men's but also a women's revolution.

Also known as soldaderas, these young women became involved in Mexico’s revolution both voluntarily and through brutal force. Many of the women rebels were crusaders for land reform in Mexico. Whatever their reason for joining the Revolution, life for a soldadera was extremely hard. It was said that horses were treated better than the Adelitas.

Wynn has created a powerful show to celebrate the heroism and sacrifice of the Adelitas. Starting with a photograph of a historic figure, or a photograph of a model dressed in South of the Border revolt era clothing, Wynn paints over these images by using a variety of mixed mediums such as oils, encaustics, or acrylic paints. "With this exhibit, I hope to bring awareness to these remarkable young women," says Wynn. “We are starting to hear more stories like the Adelitas' because we now have women historians digging through archives”.