Featured Artist - November, 2016

October 20, 2016

Opening on Friday, November 4th at 5pm

The Southwest’s wild history is rich in amazing tales. Especially stirring ghost stories. Going back through time to try to capture this lyrical energy is photographer Angel Wynn, will present her latest body of work titled “Ghosts”, featuring haunting photographs that give the illusion of ghostly encounters. The show will include a selection of photos from Tucson locations including the Fox Tucson Theater, where reports of odd noises, shadows and apparitions have haunted the halls for years.

Wynn is a professional photographer and artist with a studio located on the famous Canyon Road art district in Santa Fe, NM. While preparing images for a previous art exhibit, Wynn came across one photo in particular that had a wisp-like lens flare. Intrigued by this ghost-like anomaly Wynn was inspired to begin a new project.

“By using ghost-like effects to recreate the past life of a man, woman or child”, explains Wynn, “I want to bring a vitality to history in a deeply felt way and to spark interest in preserving legendary places”. Wynn has been drawn to fascinating characters such as artist Georgia O’Keeffe, Civil War soldiers and a Spanish Monk from the 1600’s. Even a few of Tucson’s local spooks will be included in the show. This compilation of haunting photographs reveals man’s yearning for eternity and everlasting spirituality.

A 2005 Gallup poll concluded that three out of four Americans believe in the paranormal, with 71% of them having experienced a personal encounter. Has Wynn ever personally experienced any apparitions? “On a few occasions while shooting for the ‘Ghost” series, I did feel a chilling presence while on location,” she recalls.

During the opening reception for “Ghost” a couple of Wynn’s models will be dressed in period costumes worn during the photo shoots. Wynn will also be on hand to discuss her ghost series project and the effects used to create spirit-like images. The “Ghosts” show will be shown at CasaBella through November 27.