Barbara Conaway

Like most artists, Barbara has always had a strong interest in art. As a child that interest played out in color projects that included a lot of crayons and finger painting.  Her fascination with color continued as she followed her interests in fiber arts, photography and glass.  After a lifetime of taking classes in a variety of mediums just for the enjoyment, she found oil painting to be something that was both creative and intellectually challenging.                                                                            In July of 2010 Barbara's professional journey hit a serious roadblock when she was diagnosed with a benign brain tumor.  You can read more about her diagnosis, surgery & recovery by following her blog "My Brain on Art".                                                                                                                                         Artist Statement:
"My passion for art is in the process.  I love to study and experiment with the techniques and tools of oil painting.  I love the struggle of getting a realistic expression of my subject out of the abstraction of shapes and colors that bring the painting together visually.  It is thrilling when others like my work as I believe it is both an honor and a privilege to be able to call myself an artist."