Dale TerBush

Dale TerBush celebrates life by living in a constant state of creativity. He is an artist that thrives on productivity and sheer enthusiasm for his electrifying art. TerBush is a master at transforming a beautiful image into something that is purely spiritual and poetic. His art speaks for itself; elegant and mysterious, exciting and bold, TerBush paints a mood and creates a scene of mesmerizing magic.

TerBush captures a landscape that comes from within his won imagination. It flows from his own sense of spirit and self. TerBush, a poet with paint, evokes the emotional response as in romantic prose. Each TerBush landscape is a unique dream world. Initially familiar, a closer look reveals a world of its own. The painting becomes an experience rather than merely a sensation. The romantic visions are often compared to the Hudson River School – the 19th Century body of artists who glorified nature, creating Eden-like scenes of lakes, rivers, mountains and other pastoral subjects. In his paintings an intensity is found in the use of color and light. TerBush is a Master at illumination and the use of exciting, yet unexpected, color. Some have even compared his use of color to the 20th Century Master Maxfield Parrish.

Today, TerBush enjoys his life in downtown San Diego, California. With his home overlooking the water, he continues to find new inspiration in each and every sunset. TerBush reveals beauty and emotion in his ethereal landscapes; each painting a poetic symbol of a powerful experience and a dream not to be forgotten. TerBush paints the Heavens but reveals the soul.