Paddi Moyer





The work from Moyer’s studio has been exhibited and collected throughout the United States, has been shown in galleries and shows reaching from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Maui, Hawaii, most recently has received the ‘Best Sculpture’ award from American Women Artists. Paddi Moyer’s work represents timeless, essential themes: Native people experiencing the blessings of life – rain, earth, sun – as well as contours of the ageless earth reflected in the human face and female form.

"Desert Stone" defines many things. The original is created, the mold is made, the stone is cast and each piece is hand finished…all here in the Sonoran Desert.

Once the original has been created, finely ground pigments are added to a proprietary blend of dry powdered stone along with clear water in a process long in development, before Moyer casts the stone into a master mold.  Slight fracturing and individual mottling are inherent in this process, giving individual character to each Desert Stone sculpture.

Encompassing much time and thought, every sculpture has its own compelling story; a journey of stone pigment, mica and metals, different colors unfolding making each stone piece truly unique. With great detail, in the final stage of the process, Moyer meticulously hand patinas the sculptures with up to thirty layers of thin transparent washers, giving some a luminous effect. Each Desert Stone sculpture in the series bears it own artistic thumbprint. Most of the pigments she uses come from Santa Fe, New Mexico and are of the highest quality – one of the reasons for the richness of color. The natural color pigment powders replicate the breathtaking beauty only Mother Earth can create. Made from rocks, mineral and earth they deliver a brilliance and inner depth that makes working with them an artistic adventure no ordinary paint can hope to achieve.