FEBRUARY 9th, 2017

FEBRUARY 9th, 2017

Women Soldiers of the Mexican Revolution
Featuring the works of Santa Fe artist, Angel Wynn.
Thursday, February 9th from 5pm - 8pm
Show runs through February 27th

Angel Wynn has created a powerful show to celebrate the heroism and sacrifice of the Adelitas. Starting with a photograph of a historic figure, or a photograph of a model dressed in South of the Border revolt era clothing, Wynn paints over these images by using a variety of mixed mediums such as oils, encaustics, or acrylic paints. "With this exhibit, I hope to bring awareness to these remarkable young women," says Wynn. "We are starting to hear more stories like the Adelitas' because we now have women historians digging through archives".

An artist reception will take place on Thursday, February 9 from 5-8pm at the Gallery located at 4425 N. Campbell Ave and River Road in Joesler Village.