Arizona Sunset

Edition of 50

38" x 30"

The iconic Arizona sunset--I sigh just thinking about it. Our sunsets here in Arizona are unrivaled, especially during monsoon season. The clear colors of the day transform into orange, purple, and pink as the sun sets behind deep blue mountains. The contrasts are wonderful, and I especially like the deep tones in the sky when the last light surrenders to darkness. They are colors that are hard to describe. The Arizona sunset inspired this painting of desert cactus blooms. I painted the bright colors of the cactus as if it were a blazing sun in a darkening sky sinking into the earth. Truly, our sunsets can take your breath away, if you stop to watch. The day melts away, and I find my shoulders drop a bit as I consider the care my Creator took in providing such a beautiful sight. I pray this painting provides you with a sigh of delight as well.

Read about the artist, Dyana Hesson.

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