Eternal Love, Circle of White Lilies

Edition of 50

38" x 38"

The circle, having no beginning and no end, is my favorite shape, both esthetically and symbolically. A wedding ring, the fellowship of friends, and eternity can all be expressed with a circle. I have manipulated all sorts of flowers, cacti and succulents into beautiful circles for this series.

Always important in my work is the significance of relationships. When you examine a bouquet of flowers, even if they are all the same type and color, there are distinct differences within the bunch. By themselves they are beautiful, but together they make an impact. The interplay of light and shadows, the repetition of shapes-- simply put, the way each part relates to the next, makes a unified composition. It is the same with people, whether in a family or among friends. It is when we are together, offering our unique gifts and experiences to each other that we are beautiful. So, within this painting, I hope the viewer will delight in the beauty of the arrangement. My prayer is that they will consider and enjoy the beauty that is right before them, both on the canvas, and in their lives.

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