Night Song, Cactus Bloom

Edition of 50

30" x 30"

One morning in early June, 2014, I opened my email to find a wonderful surprise. My dear friend had forwarded a photograph of a blooming “torch cactus” that her mother in law, Iris, had sent to her. Iris had explained in her email that she was delighted that the flower had bloomed and that she wished it lasted for more than a day. I know all too well that feeling. I have had the privilege of painting many amazing cactus blooms over the years, and the challenge is always to photograph them on the day they bloom before they wither in the heat.

I believe the photograph Iris took was just a quick snap shot, but it captivated me. I wrote back to my friend right away, “Wow, looks like a painting!” Secretly, I wanted to paint it. I rarely paint from another person’s photograph. The experience of seeing the bloom with my own eyes and feeling the moment for myself is missing. However, Iris had captivated me with her photograph and her enthusiasm for the wonderful moment when her plant had bloomed.

It was a delight to work on this special painting. Taking what Iris had seen and interpreting it though my eyes and the medium of oil and canvas, I created the painting “Night Song.” My prayer is that that Iris and her family will enjoy this painting for years to come. What started with a gardeners’ delight inspired a timeless piece of art.

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