Off Oak Creek Road

Acrylic on Panel

16" x 16"

Read about the artist, Lawrence Lee.

"Behind those trees to the left, if you look closely, you'll see that there are remains of an old rail line. Little remains but patches of gravel and occasional almost-not-there ruts about as far apart as a small boy can spit. And if you've got the day for it and a good eye and strong hand, you can still come away with a spike or two. Or even an arrowhead, maybe. But I've been told by folks wiser than I am that it is best to leave such things be. Note their shapes and weights in a little book, perhaps. The heft of a spike and the notches on the stone can tell a story if you find enough over the years. But best leave them. Best not take anything at all. Because there are stories are about ghosts who claim these parts on moonless nights, and they'll know you've been here even if you take no more than a dozen steps and only half that many breaths."

~Lawrence W Lee

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