South of Heartline

Acrylic on Panel

16" x 16"

Read about the artist, Lawrence Lee.

"South of Heartline is where I grew to girlhood and then became a woman. Jack and I were just friends all those years--laughing in the back of the bus as kids and making pleasantries when we ran into each other at the drugstore or, later, at the school where we had both become teachers. He was short for most men his age, but I never really noticed but the first time. I had a reputation as a bookworm. And one cold morning during a fire drill when we were huddling unabashedly close to fight the chill, I fell in love. Luckily for me, I found out later that evening that he had, too. With me. Turns out we both wanted to go back and burn down that school ourselves before it got to be light."                                                 ~Lawrence W Lee

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