Spirit Wind

Oil on Canvas

48" x 36"

By Artist Mary Wyant

Mary Wyant always dreamed of being an artist, and over 30 years ago, after moving to Tuscon from Detroit to teach interior design at the University of Arizona, she met Lawrence W. Lee and her dream came true. Under the mentorship of Lawrence, she began a journey into the world of fine art, and hasn't looked back. The success of her work can be seen in the attention to detail; from the tiny glass beads on a maiden's dress to the soft wispy strands of a feather. Her sensitivity to the colors, patterns, and movement of textiles and her understanding of the reflection and contrast of light and shadow create a vivid realism. The viewer feels the breeze gently lifting the blanket and senses the warmth of the sun giving the red wool its intensity. One wants to touch the softness of the chamois moccasins and wrap herself in the security of the winter cloak.

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