Too Late

Acrylic on Panel

16" x 16"

"We had a plan. It was always a Thursday. It was always noon. High noon. 
She would get there first, having told anyone there to ask that she was headed
to the visiting library they opened up every week in Hemmon--just across the
county line. She'd be first, but by no more than a half an hour, and she'd stand
beneath Sentinel Tree watching for me. Sometimes it might be harder for me to
slip out, and my brat brother watched me like a little plaid-shirted Chicken Hawk.
But I usually made it clean away in time enough, and I'd run to feel the wind in
my face, watching the rise of the sun. And I'd see her there. And she'd half run
half slide down that big hill until we tumbled into each other's arms, all laughs
and wantings. And the plan for that last Thursday was no different except that we
were never going home except to make our own. But this Thursday. This one most
important Thursday in all my life, a calf had gotten out and there were all three
of us boys out there chasing it and I got away late. But I ran for my new life. I
ran for us. I ran for the future we had dreamed and the family we would make. But
this Thursday--this one damn most important Thursday of all time, though I ran
like the wind, though my feet barely touched down, when I ran up around Sentinel
Hill I could see that the shadows were just a little long. And when I wiped the
dust and tears from my eyes and looked up the hill, she wasn't there. Too late." ~Lawrence W Lee

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